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The Violin Repair: For the time being repairs must be limited to violin family instruments. There are several orchestra instrument restorations which must be completed before others can be started.

Our proprietary technique and procedures for correcting and restoring water damage instruments is in great demand at this time and must preclude other less critical repairs for the next several weeks.

Fingerboard correction is one of our specialities, and can be pre-arranged by appointment. This is also a great time to change strings.

Many students have a violin that is nearly impossible to play. This is often overlooked since the instrument is only played by the student. Bring yours by and we will be glad to check it over.


Appraisal services are provided for all string instruments. There is no charge for an informal verbal assessment, a detailed letter of evaluation is $50. Additional research when needed is billed at $50 per hour. This documentation will assist you in establishing a value of the instrument for insurance or other purposes. When bringing an instrument for appraisal also bring as much information as you can about it. How long have you had it, how long it has been in your family, copies of old photos including the instrument, old receipts etc.

Repair and Restoration

We specialize in complex multi-operation crush damage and water damage restorations of all violin family instruments.

Fabrication and preparation of string instruments for Stage and Film Property is offered. Generally, projects of this nature are priced inversely proportional to the time available for completion. This is a nice way of saying "Crazy Expensive on short notice"

Some repairs are simple and can be done while you wait for little charge. Others are complex and expensive, these take a little longer.

If you feel compelled to leave the United States or even the Republic of Texas for an extended period then we feel it may be a good idea for you to pay for the repairs in advance. This makes us feel less compelled to sell your abandoned instrument or to use it for our spider experiments. Honestly, it does grow frustrating to shuffle priorities to complete a project only to find that our valued customer has lost interest.

Please bring as many of the pieces as possible of anything broken. Try to protect the instrument from any loose parts using paper or cardboard.


Ready For Pick Up & NOTES
  • There are a few repairs that were ready for last year that haven't been picked up.
    More coming soon


News & Announcements And Stuff
  • Any String instrument can be repaired if it is not reduced to ashes. Complex repairs and restorations are often more difficult and time consuming than making a new instrument. The maker knows what the starting point will be, the repair luthier does not.

  • No, it is not a Stradivarious.


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