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for over

21 years

we've been the

string shop for

Dallas musicians



If you are in Dallas, Texas looking for a violin, cello, mandolin, or almost anything else with strings on it then this is the place. Our shop is small but it is crammed full of neat stuff. Most of it is for sale. And unlike certain other fancypants mega corporation-owned stores, we'll remember you when you come back. That is usually a good thing.

News and announcements

Note to famous musicians:

Note to our competitors:

  • The remodeling is basically complete, the restockening will soon begin.

  • We are experimenting with longer hours on occasion, and maybe some exposure in the social medias.

  • The grubby Shell 7-11 store has been replaced by a fancy new CVS​

If you are even a tiny bit offended when people don't recognize you as a famous person please tell us who you are. Better yet, call ahead. For example: "Good afternoon this is Rod Stewart, the famous recording and performance artist, I will be popping over for a visit soon."

If you own or manage another music shop, please introduce yourself when you stop in. There's no need to skulk around pretending to be a customer. If you want to know anything about the place, just be friendly and ask.

20th anniversary celebration