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for over

25 years

we've been the

string shop for

Dallas musicians

Online Lessons World-Wide, On Site Sales & Repairs in Dallas

This tiny shop is a powerhouse of support for musicians from pro to beginner, Classical to folk, Violin, Cello, Guitar Sales repairs and lessons. We offer in person and online lessons for Violin,Viola, Guitar, Cello, Mandolin, and Banjo.   Bluegrass and Texas Fiddle are at home at Fiddle & Bow just as is Classical technique from beginner to advanced for all orchestral strings. We specialize in the transition from Classical to folk styles for all experience levels and ages. Conversely, if you have played by ear for years come see us if you would like to reach out and learn to read all of those dots and squiggles. It's almost painless although a bit of practice is often required.


News & Updates

  • Please call us at 972 458-2980       

  • The fastest way to contact us is to speak in a loud voice toward the top of our door. If you say your number Rob will call you back. Or since we have limited hours right now you could leave an email and we will be in touch.             

  • Our Facebook page will often have the most up to date information. Other times not so much.

  • We are still a music shop and have stuff for sale, please call 972 458-2980 to find out what or to order something.

 It really does seem as though the shopping center is trying to keep us a secret. From any one of the shiny bright fast food spots along Coit or the CVS just head for the far corner toward BIOLIFE.  Look past the big tree. Beyond the tree you  will see the Green Neon Violin. That is where we are, beyond the tree,  in the corner. If we aren't open you can just yell at the Green Neon Violin and one of us will be alerted instantly by the security system. Seriously, just say your number out loud and one of us will probably call. Where else can you walk up and speak to the owner?

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