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Online Lessons On Site Sales & Repairs

 We are offering online lessons for Violin, Guitar, Cello, Mandolin, and Banjo. These are lessons conducted over video chat and may be transferred to private one on one lessons at the shop when the current global pandemic abates.

If you have a rental instrument to return, please call to make an arrangement.  

This is a great place and we love our customers so please stay healthy and do the right thing. Please call with any questions, we are available. 


News and announcements

Featured in D Magazine


Note to our competitors:

  • Please call us at 972 458-2980       

  • Since we have limited hours right now please leave an email and we will be in touch.

  • Our Facebook page will often have the most up to date information. Other times not so much.

  • We are still a music shop and have stuff for sale, please call 972 458-2980

Check out page 35 of the March 2021 issue of D Magazine. Fiddle & Bow is listed under "How to Fix a Broken Violin"


You can read all about us here -- which, I mean, you already know about us or you wouldn't be reading this now, and the article mainly tells you why you should come to Fiddle and Bow, and then it will link you back to here. You're already here so we understand if you want to skip that step. It's just that being featured in print media is quite an honor and we are excited about it.

If you are even a tiny bit offended when people don't recognize you as a famous person please tell us who you are. Better yet, call ahead. For example: "Good afternoon this is Rod Stewart, the famous recording and performance artist, I will be popping over for a visit soon."

If you own or manage another music shop, please introduce yourself when you stop in. There's no need to skulk around pretending to be a customer and wondering how we are still in business. 

Note to famous musicians:

20th anniversary celebration and Party On The Patio