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luthier services

Set up and Maintenance

Many students have an instrument that is nearly impossible to play. This is usually due to a factory shortcut at the expense of playability. This is often overlooked since the instrument is only played by the student. Bring yours by and we will be glad to check it over. Fingerboard correction is one of our specialties and can be pre-arranged by appointment. This is also a great time to change strings.


Please understand that things can take time. If you are in a hurry please make it clear to us. If you want updates let me know. If you want photos of the instrument taken apart just let us know.

Repair and Restoration

Any string instrument can be repaired if it is not reduced to ashes. We specialize in complex crush damage and water damage restorations of all Fretted and Violin family instruments and pretty much anything else with strings. Try to bring as many of the pieces as possible of anything broken. Try to protect the instrument from any loose parts using paper or cardboard.


Simple repairs can often be done while you wait, or within a few days at most. Our shop only has one luthier and things do occasionally get out of hand so please call before you are starting to feel grumpy. We go to extremes to meet deadlines and yet it still doesn't always work out as planned.

Complex repairs can take several weeks or months in some cases. A quality restoration is often more difficult and time consuming than making a new instrument and cannot be rushed much.


Abandoned instruments are sent to  a random address in Guatemala, an image of the owner is printed  and kept in a jar of spiders. We do not like abandoned instruments. 



Appraisal services are available for all string instruments excluding those in the Fine Collectable category. There is a $20 charge for an informal verbal assessment, a detailed letter of evaluation is $75. Additional research when needed is billed at $60 per hour. This documentation will assist you in establishing a value of the instrument for insurance or other purposes. 

When bringing an instrument for appraisal also bring as much information as you can about it. How long have you had it, how long it has been in your family, copies of old photos including the instrument, old receipts etc.

Stage and film property

We offer fabrication and preparation of string instruments for Stage and Film Property. Generally, projects of this nature are priced inversely proportional to the time available for completion. This is a nice way of saying if you need it ASAP it will be crazy expensive.

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