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Instruments for sale

We do not carry anything that you must blow into or use foot pedals to operate.

Whether you're looking for a professional-quality violin or an excellent value on a student instrument, we've got something for you. We carry violin family string instruments, mandolins, and the occasional guitar.

We are the exclusive Dealer for Robledo Caseras instruments. When available Robledo's instruments are priced in the $6000 to $10,000 range and exquisite.

If you give us a day or two of notice we'll be sure to have a selection ready for you to try. One of our goals twenty years ago when we opened the shop was to always have everything tuned and ready at all times. That part was not so realistic to start with and we have not become more spry over time.


"Great place. The people here are dedicated to the music, the instruments and their customers. Check it out... it's worth the effort."

student rentals

Who can participate
The violin rental program is intended for kids and teens enrolled in a school orchestra program. 


There is a $30 Annual fee for maintenance and string changes. The monthly price for student violin rentals is $30.00/month.  This includes:

  • A good-quality, student grade instrument

  • Case

  • Bow

  • All adjustments and routine maintenance, including broken strings, bridge adjustments, peg slipping.

  • Exchanges for larger sizes as your child grows.


Returns, cancellations, and taking breaks

There's no charge to return your violin and cancel your rental. We can also pause your lease over the summer. When returning an instrument please take all of your stuff out of the case and remove any tape or stickers. It also really helps to let us know if you are coming back next school year.

Unfortunate events

  • Lapse in payment - Please talk to us if you cannot keep your account current. We understand that times are hard but please help us maintain our faith in humanity. If you vanish from the planet and take our instrument, karma will not look upon you with favor. 

  • Damage or loss - If your instrument is lost or broken, please come tell us what happened as soon as possible. The longer you put it off, the worse you will feel and it will only get harder. We may need to charge for repair or replacement, but we do try to handle these situations with fairness and compassion.

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