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accessories and other good stuff too

As always, there are a limited number of shopping days til Christmas. Come to Fiddle & Bow for all of your accessories including bows, rosin, strings, picks, slides, cases, braces, shinbone polish, dog tonic, and other assorted good things any string musician might need or want.

Violin mutes $24

Buy one for yourself or any violinist you wish would practice farther away.

Good music by local artists

We offer CDs from local and Texas musicians.
If you're a local artist: bring in a few CDs and sell them to us. Then tell everybody you meet that they are square if they don't come buy one from our awesome shop.


We are running out of shelf space for music books!

The laws of economics dictate that you could probably get a deal on some. Call us to see if we have what you are looking for (972) 458-2980 or come in and look around.

Sheet Music
We specialize in sheet music for string instruments. Right now we are silly with the stuff, it is stacked everywhere.We don't really want to stop carrying music but for crying out loud Somebody has to start buying these books again or we are going to run out of room to stack them. Pick out a pile and make an offer. Folk titles for guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, bauzouki, and dulcimer are reasonably well organized by instrument and origin. Call or come by - we have a large selection in stock and new issues are stocked at least once a month. We can usually special order just about any other music you might need.

Barenreiter Publications
We carry a wide selection of Barenreiter publications and Urtext editions for the violin family. We are the only dealer that will discount this music for volume purchase. Call us. Orchestra and Choir pricing is available, please inquire.

G. Henle Verlag
We carry a wide selection of G. Henle publications for the violin family of instruments. Orchestra and Choir pricing is available for these also, please inquire.


Method Books
We also have a good selection of method books for folk instruments and for school orchestra. The Suzuki books are almost always in stock.


Video and DVDs
We used to offer a variety of DVD and VHS teaching methods for sale or rental because it seemed like a good idea. If you aren't one of the six people that rented or bought one of these since the 20th century then you missed it. They have been removed from stock. Sorry, I'm not sure why we even brought it up.

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